Our Technology

Discover Unknown
Digital Assets

Any assets not visible to you
and under your control are at
risk of being detected and
exploited by malicious actors.

Third-party Risk

Check third-party vendors'
security risk to remediate and
mitigate potential attacks.

Real-time Vulnerability

Automatically assess each
asset's security. Prioritize and
work according to tasks

Configuration Drift

Verify digital assets'
configuration to prevent
security breaches.

Global Internet Visibility - Reposify Grid

Manage Global Digital Assets

Using Reposify Grid™, it is easy to manage thousands of digital assets world-wide and remediate detected vulnerabilities and configuration drifts.

Associate Digital Assets With Organizations

With our mapping capabilities, we correlate between discovered digital assets to organizations, and help organizations find their unknown digital assets.

Real-time Mapping of The Entire Internet

Continuously monitor every digital asset on the public Internet - including IoT devices, routers, servers, databases and more.