Device Layer Cybersecurity

Protect your network, stop DDOS attacks from infected devices and collect cyber intelligence from devices worldwide.

Use Cases

DDOS Mitigation

Fight denial of service attacks from infected devices, Reposify insights enable security systems, such as firewalls, to filter traffic based on device type, operating system, vendor, and even technology stack.

Cyber Intelligence

Find critical data leaks, related devices, or important discussions being held from hacked devices. Darknet is no longer just TOR, meaningful intelligence can be found on devices.

Fight Phishing/Spam attacks

Stop phishing and spam being generated from hacked devices. Nowadays, hackers hack into devices, install small web servers, bind them to domain names, and fish people from innocent customers to high.

Vulnerability Assessment

Execute your attack vectors on devices found by our insights that will increase the vulnerabilities you find and allow you to discover more intrusion points and have wider coverage.

Large-scale Security Research

Get answers to questions such as “Which country has the most vulnerable routers?”, “How many temperature sensors scattered in Europe?”, “Who’s the most used gateway vendor in the world?”