The Ultimate Guide to

External Attack Surface Management

The Ultimate Guide to

External Attack Surface Management


What’s inside?

Read this guide to

  • Understand what is the full extent of your external attack surface
  • Learn about the potential risks of unknown exposures
  • Discover a new approach to managing all your internet-facing assets
The ultimate guide to external attack surface management

Whether your business has been through a digital transformation journey or was born in the cloud, your assets and devices are now scattered across the internet, all weaved in a tangled web of subsidiaries, cloud providers and third-party vendors. The once, well defined network perimeter is now merely a nostalgic memory for many companies.

The shift from on-prem to cloud as well as the exponential growth of SaaS solutions have enabled a tremendous acceleration in business growth. But at the same time, it has left IT & security teams with very poor visibility of their new IT landscape.

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