Data Sheet

Get an outside-in view of your external attack surface

Data Sheet

Get an outside-in view of your external attack surface


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What’s inside?

Your Exposed Assets Are Everywhere

Traditional perimeter security and risk assessment solutions are built for your known assets. But what about the assets of which you are unaware?

With your network extended through subsidiaries, cloud providers and third-party vendors your servers and IoT are scattered across the entire internet. Unknown assets, Shadow IT and forgotten environments are now a widespread reality.

Keeping track of your ever-changing attack surface and ensuring policy compliance seems like a mission impossible. Billions of exposed assets, misconfigured services and unpatched software represent easy entry points which attackers can quickly exploit to carry out disruptive breaches, DDoS and code injections among other attacks.

Keep Your Assets Under Control

Reposify is the new way organizations manage and safeguard their External Attack Surface. Get a continuous outside-in view of all your internet-facing assets, whether on-premise, cloud or across your supply chain, with no agents or deployment required. See your security issues prioritized for your business and get actionable remediation advice. With Reposify, no asset is left unknown.

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