Scaling in the cloud, safely

Learn how Reposify’s EASM ensures security at every stage of cloud journey

Scaling in the cloud, safely

Learn how Reposify’s EASM ensures security at every stage of cloud journey


What’s inside?

Organizations are migrating to the cloud at unprecedented rates: according to a Gartner report, over half of enterprise IT group spending that can transition to cloud, will transition to cloud, all as soon as 2025. This is problematic — 97% of cybersecurity companies assessed in a recent Reposify report found they hosted exposed assets in AWS cloud services. Contrary to popular belief, the onus to protect cloud data falls on the customer, not the host provider. Understanding where you are in your transition to cloud security management is paramount to ensuring proper protection.

No matter your stage of cloud adoption, Reposify’s EASM provides critical support to security teams. 

As a leading External Attack Surface Management (EASM) Platform, Reposify maps the web in real-time, 24/7, enabling security teams to discover and eliminate unknown exposed misconfigurations and shadow IT risks across all cloud environments with no agents or deployment required.

Read how CISOs and cybersecurity teams can safeguard their digital perimeter using EASM at every stage of their cloud journey.    

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