China versus USA

The state of external attack surface

Comparison Research

China versus USA

The state of external attack surface

Comparison Research


What’s inside?

In the first week of July, China’s data security protocols were called into question after a hacker stole the personal data of 1 billion Chinese citizens and auctioned it off online for the price of 10 bitcoin, or about $200,000 USD. The exposed database was hosted by a third-party cloud service provider, had been previously discovered by a cybersecurity researcher, and was left completely unsecured without username, password or 2FA.

While many experts agree the attack was inevitable, China is not the only country with a reputation for monitoring the personal data of its citizens. 

Prompted by the news, Reposify compared the total number of exposed assets in China and the United States from 1 July – 10 July, the period during which data was leaked, with alarming results. Download the full report here ->

Key highlights:

  • 22 million exposed Chinese assets, 38.77% of which are classified as “high or critical risk”.
  • Exposed databases with American IP addresses accounted for 36% of all exposed databases found globally, 207% more than those found with Chinese IP addresses.
  • The United States accounts for 43% of all exposed remote access sites found globally. Comparatively, China accounted for 17.5%.

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