Reposify's research team examined the security posture of leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide; This report showcases the pharmaceutical industry while delivering unique insights into external attack surface exposures and security issues that the industry is currently experiencing.
Implement these 31 security tips for reducing attack surface risks and unknown exposures.
The financial industry's IT ecosystem is more distributed than ever before. With a growing number of breaches and security incidents resulting from unknown internet exposures, financial industry security leaders are now looking to gain better visibility of their organizations' external attack surfaces.
Mapping your complete external attack surface is critical but no easy task. Read this guide to learn about the risks resulting from unknown assets and discover the new way to safeguard your perimeter-less network.
Reposify delivers autonomous and 24/7 discovery of exposures, misconfigurations and shadow IT in organizations’ network perimeter across all environments, including on-premise, cloud and the supply chain.
Reposify Optimizer, prioritizes all the exposures and issues discovered and generates a focused action plan to help quickly eliminate the issues that poses the biggest risks to your organization.