Reposify Launches Reposify Optimizer to Shorten Path From Detection to Remediation

Reposify Launches Reposify Optimizer to Shorten Path From Detection to Remediation

Reposify launches Reposify Optimizer to dramatically shorten teams’ path from issue detection to remediation

San Francisco, California – May 15th 2020 – Reposify, the leading attack surface management platform provider, today announced the launch of Reposify Optimizer, an automatic remediation plan generator built to boost productivity and streamline risk elimination by shortening the path from detection to response.

This powerful new capability — included in the latest update to the Reposify platform — changes the game for security teams who are looking for quick, scalable and efficient ways to improve their security posture.

Organizations’ attack surfaces extend across multiple environments, well beyond their firewalls and are in a state of constant flux. This reality has led to an ongoing increase in unknown exposures of sensitive assets.

“Attackers are always on the lookout for vulnerable entry points into organizations’ internal networks. When time is of the essence, automating the discovery and analysis process and having a focused action plan delivers an advantage that can keep security teams a step ahead” said Lihi Ben Ari, Reposify’s VP Product.

“With Reposify Optimizer, this is now possible. Reposify Optimizer is built into the Reposify attack surface management platform and automatically generates a plan to eliminate the risks that have the biggest impact on your security posture and score. Reposify Optimizer enables security teams to focus on remediation — eliminating the need to spend precious time on issues detection and analysis.”

With Reposify Optimizer, you get:

  • Automatic and flexible list of prioritized issues
  • Clear and optimized path for score improvement
  • Actionable remediation steps at your fingertips
  • Collaboration is simplified with easy task sharing
  • Ability to customize the issues prioritization criteria

Reposify Optimizer is available starting today as part of the Attack surface management platform. For more information, visit

Media Contact for Reposify: Rachel Salkin, VP Marketing, [email protected]

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