Reposify Unveils Gaming Industry’s State of Attack Surface Study

Reposify Unveils Gaming Industry’s State of Attack Surface Study

Reposify’s Research Uncovers Critical Exposures and Vulnerabilities in the Attack Surfaces of the World’s Leading Gaming Companies

San-Francisco, California (August 25th, 2020) – Reposify, the leading Attack Surface Management Platform, today, unveiled new research findings of critical asset exposures and vulnerabilities in the attack surfaces of the world’s leading gaming companies.

Leveraging Reposify’s Attack Surface Management SaaS Platform, Reposify’s researchers measured the prevalence of exposed sensitive assets and well-known vulnerabilities among 20 gaming companies and their subsidiaries.

Top Findings Include:

  • 55% of companies had at least one misconfigured database exposed to the internet that could result in a data leakage
  • 50% of the companies had at least one RDP exposed to the internet
  • 85% of companies were vulnerable to cross site scripting attacks
  • 45% of companies were vulnerable to DDOS attacks

Reposify discovered many dozens of exposed databases which place gamers’ personal identifiable information and other sensitive data at imminent risk of leakage.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been a boon for the gaming industry but in parallel, it has experienced an increase in cyber security attacks. The growing digital footprint of gaming companies combined with the sensitive data they hold make them a highly lucrative target for attackers which are always on the lookout for weak points in these companies external attack surfaces.” said Yaron Tal, Reposify’s Co-founder and CEO.

The gaming industry is known for its need for speed in innovation and development processes. The fast development cycles and frequent product launches can result in bugs, misconfigurations and other errors which may remain unknown until it’s too late. Gaining real time visibility into critical exposures allows teams to proactively discover, mitigate and manage such risks before they can be exploited by attackers.

For the complete findings and recommendations please download the report here.

Media Contact for Reposify:
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About the Report

The data in this study was derived from Reposify’s Attack Surface Management Platform, which through its proprietary global server network, continuously indexes and automatically classifies all assets connected to the public internet. This study examined the prevalence of various asset exposures and security vulnerabilities associated with world’ leading gaming companies over a two-week period in July 2020.

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