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Reposify Found That Over 92% of Leading Pharmaceutical Companies Have Exposed Databases
Reposify's External Attack Surface Management Platform Found that Over 92% of Leading Pharmaceutical Companies Have Exposed Databases
A Pandemic and Remote Working: Cyber Security Under the Microscope
Cyber security specialists, Reposify, have Identified “the fact that IT teams have much less visibility” when it comes to security of their Cloud assets.
According to a recent report by Reposify: the vast majority of pharma companies are inadvertently exposing data through a number of vulnerabilities, including remote access platforms and unsecured databases, highlighting the risks posed by the accelerated digitization of the sector.
Reposify Found Security Vulnerabilities in Las Vegas Leading Casinos
Reposify's External attack surface management platform, has discovered “alarming exposures” in the IT networks of several Las Vegas casinos.
Analysis of data covering a two-week period in March 2021 found that 92% of the companies had at least one exposed database with potential data leakage, while 46% had an exposed Server Message Block (SMB) service.
As security professionals descend upon the city of Vegas for Black Hat, Reposify has uncovered critical security exposures in the city's leading casinos.

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