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More than half of leading cybersecurity firms host at-risk databases. Reposify’s assessment uncovered more than 200,000 exposed assets among 35 cybersecurity companies in only two weeks.
We found that nearly all – 97.14% – of the top 35 Cybersecurity Companies and their 350+ subsidiaries have exposed assets in Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services in our cybersecurity Industry: State of the External Attack Surface 2022 report. Read the full article on Info Security magazine.
“It’s easy to assume that cybersecurity companies would be the most secure against modern cyber threats, but even experts are susceptible to the blind spots created by expanding digital footprints" Click to read the full article on Dark Reading.
Prompted by the recent Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and Infrastructure Agency "Shield's Up" warning, @Reposify's co-founder and CTO Yaron Tal has shared his thoughts on best practice in cyber resilience in TechCrunch.
Reposify, which has developed an External Attack Surface Management platform, announced on December 14th, that it has raised Seed round funding of $8.5 Million o manage exposed internet-facing assets
Reposify, which today announced an $8.5 million seed round of funding, said that its platform for external attack surface management (EASM) uses AI to rapidly identify vulnerabilities in a customer’s internet-facing and internal assets.
As security professionals descend upon the city of Vegas for Black Hat, Reposify has uncovered critical security exposures in the city's leading casinos.
Gartner has named Reposify to its 2021 Emerging Vendors list in the external attack surface management (‘EASM’) security category.
Reposify’s Research Uncovers Critical Exposures and Vulnerabilities in the Attack Surfaces of the World’s Leading Gaming Companies.
Reposify Optimizer, an automatic remediation plan generator built to boost productivity and streamline risk elimination by shortening the path from detection to response.