Slash cybersecurity insurance premiums with Reposify EASM

Slash cybersecurity insurance premiums with Reposify External Attack Surface Management

Cybersecurity insurance premiums have tripled.
Reposify’s EASM platform provides a thorough, real-time understanding of your attack surface.
Now, companies can demonstrate cyber risk resilience and accurately calculate cyber risk level.

Command control

of your external attack surface in the face of rising ransomware attacks

Assess risk

brought on by subsidiaries, supply chain and third party vendors

Reduce premiums

significantly with an accurate, real-time map of your digital perimeter

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Slash cybersecurity insurance premiums
with External Attack Surface Management

Calculate your cyber risk

Reduce significantly cyber insurance costs

Reinforce the digital perimeter

Trusted by leading companies

Trusted by leading companies

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Here's What Our Clients are Saying:

Leading enterprises use Reposify to gain unparalleled visibility of their internet-facing assets and actionable security insights to protect their digital footprint

One Source Of Exposed Asset Truth

Up-to-date Asset Inventory overview

Context Based Risk Prioritization

Agentless Discovery Zero Installation

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Calculate your cyber risk, reinforce your digital perimeter with EASM

Ransomware attacks are on the rise

Globally, ransomware attacks skyrocketed 105% in 2021 — posing a substantial financial threat to companies and related subsidiaries. While the reason for this leap is under debate, one thing is clear: companies must better defend their digital perimeter.

supply chain exposure

Demand for cyber insurance is booming. Premiums too…

Four out of every five insurers reported a spike in cyber security claims in the last quarter of 2021. Ransomware attacks were to blame, sending premiums soaring by 33%.

Assessing cyber risk is an equation with too many variables

Enterprise organizations don’t fully understand their risk level when researching cyber insurance providers. Meanwhile insurers are struggling to justify insurance premiums. Calculating cyber risk is a convoluted, confusing process with many variables — the External Attack Surface r is a good place to start.

Keep your premiums down with Reposify EASM platform

Reposify’s External Attack Surface Management EASM minimizes cyber insurance risk, slashing insurance premiums for companies and clarifying risk profiles for providers.

Our Google-like search platform scans the internet in real time for internet-facing, publicly exposed and exploitable assets. Now — security teams can control an organization’s attack surface at the click of a button, reinforcing the digital perimeter and reducing cyber risk scores.

Gartner Recognized Reposify on the 2021 Emerging Vendors List for External Attack Surface Management

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