Reposify’s External Attack Surface Management Vs. Security Rating Services

Reposify’s External Attack Surface Management Vs. Security Rating Services


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Recently, vendors of security rating services have added attack surface analysis services to their commercial offerings. These offerings are not based on newly developed products but rather on the positioning of their existing solutions for a new use case. However, the attempt to apply such solutions to the analysis of external attack surface risks is not only wrong but also dangerous. Security rating services are simply not built for purpose and as a result, leave organizations with risky blind spots.

This blog provides a comprehensive comparison of security rating services to Reposify’s External Attack Surface Management solution.


6 reasons why reposify


Security rating services are designed to generate a high-level score of third-party vendors and deliver a standardized mechanism for benchmarking risks across various organizations.

Reposify is an external attack surface management platform designed to discover and eliminate critical unknown exposures and shadow IT risks in organizations’ distributed IT infrastructures. 


Security ratings are based on the analysis of risk vectors such as compromised systems, spam propagation, and botnet infections, among others. The problem with these vectors is that most of them indicate the existence of risks that have already materialized and they focus solely on official and known environments that an organization owns. 

Unlike security ratings, Reposify’s platform delivers visibility and actionable insights on Shadow IT risks and exposures of IT infrastructure which lie beyond the official network ranges of an organization.

With more than 35% of data breaches caused by unknown internet exposures and Shadow IT risks, real-time visibility of these issues can help significantly reduce the chance of a breach and other incidents.


Security rating services aggregate data from various sources and therefore have very little control over the coverage, freshness and accuracy of the data it uses in generating a risk score. Conversely, Reposify’s data is generated by its proprietary internet mapping infrastructure which continuously maps the entire internet for every exposed asset.

Thanks to its machine learning asset association engines, Reposify automatically generates a complete and always up-to-date exposed assets inventory for every organization with no need for any input from the customer side. Actual data generation vs data aggregation means that Reposify is able to adjust the scanning frequency and data coverage per need as well as ensure better data accuracy. 


Comparison Summary Reposify vs. Risk Rating


If you want to stay a step ahead of attackers you need to have accurate and always up-to-date visibility of your organization’s external attack surface. To achieve this you need an enterprise-grade external attack surface management solution.

At the end of the day, the way to determine what works best for you is to try it out for yourself.

You can book a free personalized demo of Reposify’s platform here.

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Reposify is an attack surface management platform delivering autonomous 24/7 discovery of exposed assets across all environments and the supply chain. Leading enterprises worldwide use Reposify to gain unparalleled visibility of their internet-facing assets and actionable security insights for eliminating shadow IT risks in real-time


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