My Entrepreneurial Journey Began With a Eureka Moment, and Now Continues With Raising $8.5m in Seed Round(!)

Yaron Tal

My Entrepreneurial Journey Began With a Eureka Moment, and Now Continues With Raising $8.5m in Seed Round(!)

Yaron Tal


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The Seed Has Been Planted. Now for the Crops!

The A-Ha Moment

My journey began as a cyber consultant, working on several projects in the cybersecurity space for various organizations across industries.  

One of my biggest clients suffered from many cyberattacks resulting from an unmanaged environment. The client asked me to map these exposed assets on the Internet, which seemed doable enough.

To my surprise, this turned out to be an almost impossible task. I attempted several manual tactics, as well as the help of search engines such as Shodan. The data simply wasn’t up-to-date, and it was complicated to pin down the specific assets associated with the hacks.

I started looking into this and realized this wasn’t irregular. Organizations were suffering from attacks from assets they had no knowledge of and/or no control over, with no ability to identify the source.

The Seed Is In, Now for the Crops.

Why was this happening? 

As I learned, while companies naturally expand their internet footprint, they create security blind spots in the form of unknown exposures. 

That happens on a day-to-day basis. Organizations are migrating to the cloud, digital transformations initiatives are becoming a natural course of business, IT is getting democratized, and third-party vendors are being utilized regularly (And this was even before Covid-19, talk about the issues caused by the new normal and remote work). 

I realized security teams were struggling to stay in control of their entire IT network, unarmed to prevent the next risky incident. Challenge accepted! 

I decided to enter this new unmanned category and devote myself to the mission of enabling security teams to detect, prioritize, and manage all exposed Internet-facing assets. Reposify was born.

Bootstrapping and Engaging With the First Clients

I put together a team and went all in.

In the first two years of bootstrapping Reposify, we focused on building enterprise-grade capabilities for mapping the Internet. We doubled down on creating a massive library of everything that is connected and exposed on the Internet. 

We built an API and convinced a few security vendors to come on board as our first clients. We started by reaching out to CISOs and showing them a map of their organizations’ exposed assets. Most CISOs were shocked and overwhelmed. Their responses were a strong validation that this was striking the right chord.

Global leading cyber security teams began to understand that visibility into the external attack surface is a crucial part of their entire cyber defense ecosystem. 

Security teams started using the data and insights we provided them to manage their attack surface. From then on, we’ve been growing (tripled our size!), not letting our foot off the pedal for a second. The industry’s recognition came right after: Reposify was officially recognized by Gartner on its 2021 Emerging Vendors list for External Attack Surface Management (EASM). Wow, that felt good!  

The Seed Has Been Planted. Now for the Crops – What’s Next for Reposify?

We are focusing on making sure our clients get the most out of our internet-scale data. We plan to expand our R&D and business teams, increasing our activity in the US market and merging the world of outside-in / inside-out into one complete solution that will empower our clients with full visibility and control over their environments and exposures.

We built a platform that provides complete and continuous visibility to organizations’ external attack surfaces; such capabilities enable every security team to protect the network from the riskiest, most sophisticated attacks, and that’s precisely our mission.

Reposify’s Team

Organizations’ should be able to evolve in the cloud safely and securely, knowing about any exposure that might appear and mitigating it immediately. When the Log4j vulnerability was first published on Saturday, December 11th, using Reposify’s EASM platform, we were able to quickly scan our customer’s servers and alert them of their potential exposures in seconds. We were able to keep them safe.

And Now for Some Personal Well Deserved Shout-Outs

I can’t end such a personal blog post without showing gratitude to the people who make this all possible.

First and foremost I’d like to thank our team, the talents who envision, execute, and push the company forward around the clock.

Next, I’d like to thank Joule Ventures and First Rays Venture Partners, and our industry expert angel investors for believing in me, in us, and trusting our vision and leadership. I don’t take the trust instilled in us for granted.

I’d like to thank Uzi Krieger -Reposify’s CEO and the best partner I could ask for.

Uzi Krieger, CEO and Yaron Tal, Founder & CTO

Lastly, I’d like to thank my family and friends for bearing with me through this rollercoaster ride. With all these amazing people with and behind us, I’m certain there’s nothing we can’t accomplish!

Stay tuned!

PS. If anything of this sounds interesting, check it out we’re hiring.


Yaron Tal, Reposify’s Founder & CTO 

Yaron Tal

Yaron Tal is an accomplished tech entrepreneur and cybersecurity expert with close to two decades of experience in development of software solutions for cybersecurity. Prior to founding Reposify, Yaron held various managerial roles at startups where he gained extensive experience in leading R&D teams and developing successful solutions from the ground up. Yaron is an alumnus of the Israeli Cybersecurity Center where he served for over four years as an embedded system developer, researcher and team leader.


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