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Yaron Tal
Reposify announced an $8.5 million seed round of funding. Hear Yaron Tal, founder & CTO at Reposify, tell his entrepreneurial story, from vision to reality.
External Attack Surface Management
There are many ways to keep your assets secure, but building a foundation and mapping your assets to protect your external attack surface as the first line of defense is a solid start. 
This blog provides a comprehensive comparison of security rating services to External Attack Surface Management solutions.
External Attack Surface Management
PCI security compliance alone does not guarantee protection against advanced cyberattacks.
Digital certificates are a cornerstone in building a trust-based relationship between your business and your customers.
Expired Certificates
The SolarWinds supply chain attack is one of the most sophisticated cyber attacks the world has witnessed in recent years.
If your Shadow IT could talk, it would have a lot to say.
Shadow IT
In this blog, we talk about development environments and specifically about index pages that are left unintentionally exposed to the internet for anyone to find.
Development environments
We set down with Kfir Tzukrel, CISO at Direct Finance for a chat about the risks of Shadow IT and how to make cyber security awareness training engaging and fun.
Shadow IT
"Truly understanding the full scope of the business and its risks is a huge challenge. its constantly changing and you need to react quickly."
External Attack Surface