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While there are many different ways attackers can access your IT systems, most cyberattacks rely on similar techniques. Read about some of the most common methods of cyber-attacks - from the attacker's point of view. 
Attack Vectors
Reposify’s EASM platform discovers more than 20 million exposed SSH services every month , posing a very attractive target to attackers. Its time to harden your SSH
Attack Surface Management
While Covid-19 pushed many companies to digitize, they have yet to fully comprehend the necessity of creating a compatible cybersecurity strategy covering all potential weak spots. Here’s a look back into the biggest cybersecurity breaches of H1 2021.
Cyber Attacks
Organizations see an unprecedented increase in the appearance of shadow IT over the past few years. What are the main security risks and financial implications you should prevent?
Shadow IT
There are many ways to keep your assets secure, but building a foundation and mapping your assets to protect your external attack surface as the first line of defense is a solid start. 
We hosted a session showcasing just how vulnerable the external attack surfaces of the majority of the financial industry really is, it wasn't good.
Cyber Security
This blog provides a deep dive into the different types of visibility provided by some of the most dominate services in the cybersecurity market
risk visibility