Internet Scale Cyber Visibility™

In just a few seconds, you can locate digital assets related to your organization on the internet, whether they are vulnerable or contain sensitive data. No installation required.

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Your Network Is Everywhere

Core Network

Rogue devices and Shadow IT lead to unknown attack surfaces to be available for attackers.

Third-party Hosting

Cloud services (e.g. Amazon Web Services) and co-location facilities hosting organizations’ servers, databases and critical infrastructures.

Subsidiaries / Regional Offices

Global companies hold subsidiaries and regional offices with different infrastructure attributes and different security standards.

Third-party Vendors

Digital assets being used and exposed by third-party vendors on a daily-basis.

Reposify Grid™ - Internet Scale Visibility

Find Unknown Digital Assets

Digital assets not in your awareness and not under your control, are at risk of being detected and exploited by malicious actors, which includes:

  • Leakage of sensitive confidential data.
  • Digital assets containing critical vulnerabilities.
  • Unauthorized access to assets.

Third-party Risk Assessment

We continuously monitor third-party vendors’ digital assets in order to accurately assess their security risks to protect your digital assets.

Using the data we collect, we generate a third-party vendors report containing their security rating and vulnerabilities, so you can remediate and mitigate potential attacks.

Real-time Vulnerability Assessment

Continuously assess your digital assets security risk so you can

  • Automatically assess each asset's security, prioritize and work according to tasks urgency.
  • Increase your awareness of your digital assets exposure on the internet.
  • Prioritize and work according to severity.